Old Highland Park web site

This site contains content from the Highland Park web site from the years 2005 to 2010. For recent content, please visit the Highland Park Community Council web site. This site exists primarily to make the history and Community Plan materials available, although all other content from this timeframe is also archived here.


Community Plan (2004)

The community planning process for Highland Park, and for our neighbors in surrounding communities, is intended to enable a diverse set of residents to identify strengths, weaknesses and opportunities in our community. These issue areas include: businesses, services, housing, public safety, recreation and education. Through this process, we can collaborate with government, nonprofit organizations and other entities to shape well-designed and creative ideas that can be translated into initiatives that affect all of us in our daily lives.



Highland Park history goes back to the late 18th century when the area was settled by Alexander Negley and his family. In 1995 & 1996 Mike Staresinic and Clarke Thomas enlisted the help of several others to produce an initial history of the Highland Park Community Club. It exists here as they wrote it. As of late 2007, the Highland Park neighborhood is listed on the National Register of Historic Places as the Highland Park Residential Historic District.


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